This policy applies to all properties developed or managed by the Anmol. The Anmol will take full responsibility for the maintenance of all its building for the initial 2 yrs after its construction. This however, will be a paid service not included in the cost of the property.

The estate manager of the Anmol takes care of and is responsible for all maintenance activities. He is also responsible for taking care of members' grievances and helps to sort out their difficulties. After two years, the maintenance of the building is handed over to respective societies manned and managed by the occupants of these buildings.

This will help:

  • Make residents conscious of cleanliness and hygiene
  • Increase resale value of the property or lease / rental value of the property
  • Encourage faster resale / rental
  • Residents are requested to help us maintain the building and its premises. We are grateful for your co-operation and help.